Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 3. Day 123. The show must go on

There's a fine theatrical saying that "it will be all right on the night" not to mention "the show must go on". I've seen a bit of that today. In the parade ground outside my office building, school groups have gathered every day to witness TheVillage, the latest production by La Boite. Audiences are ushered through a series of performance stations where they hear the stories of refugees. I've seen the show and couldn't help but notice that one of the performers who last week was in a UN tent was this week set up on the grass. I asked him why. He explained that one cast member had left for rehearsals on another production and a new refugee had joined the cast. Positions had been shuffled to make it work. The show went on. Tonight another example. Queensland Theatre's opening night of Twelfth Night. After intermission the curtain is open but the house lights remain up. That's always a sign something is up. Director and QT Artistic director Sam Strong walks on stage. The revolve known and The Twins is misbehaving. If it continues for safety the show may have to be stopped. The second act proceeded without incident. We later asked cast member Bryan Probets and Sam what was going on. The revolve is a little temperamental, prone to stopping suddenly or over reaching. In the first act, the cast worked round in. In the second act with choreographed sword fights that would be far more risky. It's a funny, funny show but you wouldn't want anyone to die laughing. It caused a lot of discussion at the opening night party but in the end the second act went off without a hitch. No-one would have noticed because the consummate professionals on stage worked around the problem. It was all right on the night and the show did go on. Well done.

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