Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May 1. Day 121. May Day. May Day

It's May 1 or May Day. One could be forgiven, however, for thinking it was closer to a mayday distress call at South Bank this afternoon.
The noisy miners, who never fail to live up to their name, were in full throttle.
They were not content to just vocalise their displeasure with each other and everyone else around. There were actual physical attacks. Brutal little buggers.
And then just as we were leaving a drone arrived. This was not one of the common garden drones but a serious machine with serious operators.
A section of the parkland was taped off and a team set to work. I have no idea what the end game was but the noisy miners were less than impressed. Mind you, the noisy miners were less than impressed before the drone team arrived. The only place to chill was in the new structure near Flowstate. There you could look up and contemplate the universe without feeling like Henny Penny fearing the sky was about to fall in.

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