Saturday, May 5, 2018

May 5. Day 125. Party animals

There are exceptions to every rule and today I was confronted with the exceptions to that thing about never working with children or animals.If you happen to be a member of the mounted police unit or make balloon animals for a living you pretty much get both.
The dogs and I ventured to South Bank today to check out the Buddha's Birthday celebrations. We wandered around for a bit before stopping to watch a balloon artist at work. He was creating a unicorn for a little girl who was desperate for the horn to happen. Her excitement was infectious.  As we watched the mounties arrived and camped a very short distance from us.
Clearly today's visit was a much about public relations as public order. The police sat on their horses and chatted to people, posed for selfies and allowed the horses to be patted. I wished at least one would go all Mr Ed and start talking. His expressions were priceless. I'm pretty sure he'd decided humans were all mad. He is probably right, except for those who aren't because there will be exceptions to that rule too.


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