Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 22. Day 142. Green with envy

 A rolling stone gathers no moss. So clearly  there's not rolling going on in the duck ponds at UQ. Technically, according the info I found when I Googled it at some point (so therefore completely guaranteed accurate),  it's algae. And also technically it's due to nutrient levels and nothing to do with  stones, rolling or otherwise. But to the analogy because, you know, I'm on a roll. I seem to spend my life rolling from one commitment to the next with little time to breathe in between. I sleep, a lot and at really weird times, but otherwise it's stuff, stuff stuff without much time for rest and reflection. Well folks, this is about to change. The walk it back. Tomorrow the Global Challenge begins and thus there will be daily walks. I think a lot when I walk. Thinking is good even if the thoughts are not always good. They are better out than in. So today I was out for a dry run walk and tomorrow we start in earnest.

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