Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 7. Day 38. Play time

I am sure there are people in theatre circles who assume I'm a single mum. For about 15 years my Plus One at venues around town has always been my son and never my husband. The reason? I prefer a theatre date who is awake. No matter how loud, how dynamic, how captivating, Charles has napped his way through. The only plays he chooses are at the bridge table. So when he suggests we all go to a One Act Play production a colleague is involved with we 1) assume we must have heard something wrong and 2) agree. So it was that this afternoon the family headed to Wurtulla for Caloundra Chorale's production Eat, Play, Love. While I don't think Charles will be signing up for a season ticket to any theatre company any time soon he did do better than I would at a bridge tournament so I guess that's something. So we may not agree on the question of the stage or the card table but there is something we can all agree on. For relaxation, taking the dogs to the beach is hard to beat. The dogs certainly agree on that point too.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 6. Day 37. Birth order

It’s an accident of birth order. In my opinion where you come in the family determines a whole lot. 
My older sister, the first born, was the boss. What she said went and we all fell into line. Even my parents seemed to bend to her will. 
I say this with absolutely no bitterness. 
It was just the way it was. Some times it still is. For all organisations to succeed, everyone needs to have defined roles. That was hers.  As the oldest, she was born to it. 
So it is with Rumple. 
He’s the first born of ny fur babies so his word goes. As I see it, the mark of a good leader is to only assert your authority where it is needed. That’s Rumple. 
Most of the time, Winkle is the one calling the shots. 
She jumps on him and steals his things and he just takes it. But when it really matters to him he puts his paw down and will not bend until everyone follows. 
So it was today. 
It was windy and unforgiving and the beach seemed like a bad idea. 
We’ll take the path, I thought. Rumple was having none of it. We walked from the unit the short distance to where the track to the beach and the dune path intersected. 
Winkle, Drama Teen and I turned away from the beach track. Rumple stopped and staged a sit down strike. I pulled him up. 
He turned his body to the beach. 
The oldest fur child had decided we were going to the beach. 
We all fell into line. 
He was right. 
After a bit a cold and wet Winkle did want to get picked up for a cuddle but her role as the baby of the family gives her that right and Drama Teen was happy to oblige. 
And as the second born and therefore the peacemaker my job was to ensure it all went smoothly. It did. I was born to it.

Friday, February 5, 2016

February 5. Day 36. Taking the high road

While swimming needs perfect beach weather, a walk on the beach with the dogs is a delight in most conditions. Today was one of those rare days where I thought the beach was off the table.  A human can dress to protect against the wind but protecting a small fur friend from a sand blast at face level is far more difficult. So we bypassed the beach and took the bike path along the top of the dunes. Well, that was my plan. The dogs had other ideas. When the path took us close to the beach, the dogs were quite insistent that we were hitting the sand. The return journey on the deserted beach was along the hard sand of low tide. Apparently my concerns were unfounded.                       

Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 4. Day 35. Waves of excitement

 In my excitement at the prospect of holidays outside the constraints of high season school holiday tariffs, I forgot one small thing - that some commitments exist outside the school walls. Drama Teen has drama classes in Brisbane and I have my own theatre commitments given reviewing is somewhat difficult if you haven't seen anything. Thursday will be commute-to-Brisbane day. This should mean the humans are the ones insisting on an early start and a visit to the beach. But it was the canines who were up and ready to go at first light. Winkle, now a confirmed beach babe, was most insistent. She must have known something I didn't as the rain started not long after our return. At least leaving the beach temporarily won't be so hard in the rain.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3. Day 34. Weather watch

I like to think that one a beach holiday I have not a care in the world but this isn’t true. There is one – the weather. It’s kind of perverse but what the weather is doing seems to impact on me more when I have nothing else to worry about. Phrases such as “it’s too hot to go on to the beach”, “must get that walk in before the storm” or “the wind is whipping up the sand” spring into my mind and often out of my mouth even if there is no-one to listen or care. As the Crowded House song goes “Always take the weather with you”. As it was raining last night when I went to bed and still raining at some time during the early hours of the morning, I almost talked myself out of getting out of bed to hit the beach early. “It will still be raining” the weather forecaster in my head said, ignoring the light peeping through the blockout blind. I may have fooled myself but the dogs were having none of it. At their insistence we hit the beach. Perfect if was too. Then the rains came. Then the storm and then it cleared just in time for the afternoon walk. Perfect again. A new motto is needed. Coming. Weather or not

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 2. Day 33. Hot stuff

 Even at 6am it was scorching and that was just the sign of things to come. In fact it was so soul-destroyingly humid something happened I have never seen before - both my camera lenses fogged up as soon as we walked outside after a night in the air conditioning. When your camera refuses to work because it is too hot, you know you are in trouble. The camera fog was so thick I couldn't focus on anything for about the first hour of the walk. Still, if you can be anywhere on days like this, the beach is it. Mind you I'll take the beach in just about any weather.

Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1. Day 32. Thrown in the deep end

 As someone who only had one human child, I never had to deal with second child syndrome (despite the fact I am a second child). Second children have a lot to live up to but don't get the same one-on-one. With our first children are over protective, nurturing. Subsequent children have to be more resilient. So it is with Winkle. Rumple we introduced gradually to the beach and watched to make sure he didn't drown, or wasn't harassed by other dogs and so on. Winkle we just let loose. It was a bit sink or swim and she took to it swimmingly. Part of this is that she has someone to look up to and learn from. Part of this is a very different temperament. She is fiercely independent and a real go-getter. As it turns out she is also a real beach babe.
This beach holiday will be awesome