Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2. Day 214. Birds of a feather

It was supposed to be a quiet Sunday afternoon stroll in the park but someone forgot to send the noisy miners the memo. That lot live up to their name regularly and today was a special performance. As my ability to speak avian is very limited exactly what the issue was unclear. But it was a curious pattern. They would be sitting there all content and at peace with the world, seemingly enjoying each other's company. And then with no warning or apparent trigger it would be on: full throttle fighting. Of course such behaviour does happen in the human world. It's pretty much how siblings do things. They love each other dearly but the ability to ruffle each other's feathers is unrivaled. Oh the joy.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1. Day 213. A lot of bull

When you live with a child whose life's passion is the theatre, the phrase "break a leg" is a frequent uttering. Of course, as he's never performed in a production such as the very accident prone Spiderman,  the likelihood of any fracture is slim to nothing.
But if, like my friends Toni and Brett, you have a child with a passion of rodeo riding injuries are a far more realistic outcome despite all the obvious precautions. For years now I've been promising to see young Steele ride but until today I hadn't managed to make it happen.
Steele was competing in the Under 16 event of the rodeo being held as part of the Pine Rivers show.
Today wasn't his day and his ride was short. I didn't even manage to capture a shot because the support crew was between me and the rider.
But all was not lost. I did get to see some amazing young people in the ring.
These kids are amazing. Hopping on a bucking animal and holding on takes a whole lot of guts but they did it without even flinching.
No child was hurt today but one of the support crew was flattened and knocked unconscious. After being attended by ambulance crews he was able to walk from the arena. Later he was back. Like I said, guts. I was impressed and just a little bit in awe. 
 On top of that was able to enjoy all of the other activities on offer as part of the show (apart from the food. As delicious as a dagwood dog and fairy floss may be, I'm pretty sure they don't actually appear on any prescribed diet).

Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31. Day 212. Food, glorious food

 You call your only offspring Oliver and you think it would be his duty to love food, glorious food. Nope, he decides to love musicals instead occasionally telling people he was named after one. Go figure. If I wasn't there when he was born I might think we were not related. The only one demanding "more" is me. So Drama Teen turned down my kind invitation to walk down to the noodle markets at South Bank which will pack up for the year after this weekend. Only the fur child, who I am pretty sure shares no DNA, was up to the challenge. Their loss. Of course the diet means I could look but not touch walking away with only photos, smells and the 14,285 steps I need to meet my daily fitness goal. I'll take that.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 30. Day 211. Without a paddle

I am dreaming of the water, possibly because I feel like I'm drowning in work. At moments like this I start planning (and usually booking) a holiday. Today was no exception. Booking for September now complete. A girl needs something to look forward to after all. Some times I have strange notions that a complete getaway on a cruise might be very inviting. Seeing the Kookaburra Queen paddle its way majestically up the Brisbane River this evening does give me odd romantic notions of a seafaring holiday. And then I remember one very crucial fact - I get hideously seasick. There is a very real possibility that I would do my very best Mr Creosote impression "Better get a bucket, I'm going to throw up". Not much romance in that. So I shall enjoy the water from the beach and the only deck I'll find myself on is the one on the holiday home.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 29. Day 210. Only fair

 I am a strong believer in karma. Left alone often the universe will sort itself out. Of course, that's not to say shitty things don't happen to really good people. They do, all the time. But if you try to do the right thing by people most often they try to do the same thing to you. And if you use public money to charter a helicopter eventually the media will find out and you'll look like the great wally you are.Which brings me to the Ibis. This morning the ibis were having a lovely time minding their own business at South Bank. They were having a meal and just chilling. And along I came bothering them. That people is karma and payback for all the times the ibis have gatecrashed a quiet meal and relax at South Bank.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28. Day 209. Just add water

Let's be honest. It's so much easier to find reasons not to do something than to find the motivation to do it. And when the competition is between getting a few more minutes precious sleep and just about anything else, sleep normally wins. Sleep and I have always had a deeply intimate, special relationship but of late it has been a little strained. I still care deeply about sleep but sleep seems not to be reciprocating. Well sleep, I shall no longer surrender to your game of hard to get. The new improved exercise routine means morning walks and if that means getting out of bed when I finally get to sleep, it has to be. I think resetting the body clock is an important first step in regaining the old zing in my relationship with the zzzzzs. Like so many in Brisbane I find that heading to the river takes some of the sting out of getting out of bed. Unlike some I'm not actually getting down on my knees and embracing the sunrise over the river but the fur friend and I do enjoy joining the throngs on the river path. With any luck I might tire myself out enough to sleep

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27. Day 208. Questions for which there are no answers

I was in the studio audience of Q&A tonight, the weekly ABC TV show where the big issue questions are posed  by the audience and put to a panel of experts, Tonight's topics ranged from the morality of climate change to refugee policy and political entitlements. All very interesting. But I have questions of my own for the "panel" who live in the same house as I do. They include the following:
Why does Rumple have such a liking for toilet paper?
Knowing Rumple will use toilet paper as his plaything at any opportunity, why is is still left within his reach?
Why does Rumple like to play "destroy the toilet paper" in the living areas of the house and not somewhere like Drama Teen's bedroom where it would be less noticeable because of the mess?
Why won't Drama Teen learn that there is no such thing as a floor-drobe?
Knowing that Rumple and Drama Teen  will go on the occasional search and destroy missions, why would Charles decide to bring an international visitor to the house without any warning?
Why do I find it impossible to be annoyed with Rumple?
Finding world peace might be easier than finding answers to these questions. As Q&A host Tony Jones would say "you can take that as a comment".