Friday, October 31, 2014

October 30. Day 303. Storm clouds

It could be the unseasonably disgusting weather. It may be sunny but being feeling hot and bothered and sticky, sweaty and stinky are quite frankly not at all conducive to a sunny disposition. I rather suspect the dark clouds gathering around my place, however, are far more to do with the calendar than the thermometer. The jacarandas are in full bloom and that means only one thing - it's final exam time. In a household where two of the three human occupants have lives ruled by the academic calendar that's never a good thing. It's not too good for the other human or canine either but they have learned to hide or keep their mouths shut. I just try to remember to try keep my cool, factor in time to walk the dog and be sure to never appear too busy to listen to Drama Teen (even if I am). Senior school sucks but it will pass and hot sunny days will feel far less of an imposition when we hit the beach in December

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29. Day 302. It's the little things

Twenty years is a long time and as they say with good behaviour you'd spend less time in prison on a life sentence for murdering someone. Twenty years ago today Charles and I married. It bucketed down rain, the first rain we'd had in months. I've heard it said that rain on your wedding day is lucky. I think that's a crap saying invented to improve the mood of people whose dream of glorious outdoor wedding photos - or worse an outdoor wedding - has just been washed away in a torrential downpour. Still, it obviously worked for us. So as well as celebrating, I think a milestone such as this is worth reflecting on and as seems to be the thing on such occasions sharing the secrets.The baby moorhen at South Bank is today's model, reflecting my thoughts ...
So for what it's worth let me tell you that the standard wedding vows are way off the mark. That richer/poorer, sickness/health thing? Garbage. Those things you can't control and in my experience while stressful, people tend to pull together at times of external threat. No, the vows should include mention of kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. How someone eats, the stacking of the dishwasher, socks and jocks on the floor, drawers left open, the lid off the toothpaste, failure to hang up wet towels, and various personal habits - these little things, annoying little traits are what is likely to throw you over the edge. They drive you mad because two people no matter how compatible will have their differences. The trick is to fight to change the things that really, really matter to you and accept the rest. And in my case learn never, ever to ask for directions when driving. Of course, you don't divorce someone for being singularly crap and way too late at giving driving directions. Divorce no. Kill, possibly but that really will get you a life sentence.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28. Day 301. On the buses

There's this rule. If you want to know what's happening in a town you phone the publican or the post office. Every journalist knows it. It's the key to cutting through a lot of crap to get to a story and to filter out a lot of official interference. Well today I found another wealth of information - the bus driver. As a way of escaping the heat, I decided to walk down near the river to catch the afternoon breeze and found myself at the outdoor G20 art gallery know as The Pillars Street Art Gallery. On a couple of recent trips across the Go Between Bridge I'd seen the work underway in Merivale Street industrial site and decided to have a closer look. As I stood there, a bloke started talking to me. With the enthusiasm and knowledge of a talented tour guide, he told me about the project and each of the artists. He was particularly taken by Guido van Helten's work of the Indigenous child. He told me he's followed Guido's work since falling in love with it on a number of traffic signal boxes and added that the artist had recently returned from commissions in Iceland. But, he said, we in Brisbane were getting to see the work for nothing. He was frustrated at the lack of attention these remarkable art works were getting. Then after several minutes of non-stop talking be paused to take a breath and added "it's okay. I'm not a journalist or anything. I am just a bus driver." Now, that brought a smile to my face. Well Alan the bus driver you are not JUST anything. You are a man with a great appreciation of art and a knack of telling a story - even if you are not a journalist.

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27. Day 300. Hot in the city tonight

I hope there is a really tasteless shirt or stupid hat. The G20 circus is heading to town and signs of the circus tent being erected are everywhere in my neck of the woods which is scarily close to ground zero. The whole city has every sign of behaving like a woman preparing for a rare visit from her mother-in-law; scarily rabid preparations making sure everything looks "nice". And if "nice" is the aim then my report card would be A+ for exceeds expectations . After the extreme heat during the day, the new lights over the city were refreshingly gorgeous at 11pm. Now it's up to the members of the approaching roadshow to return the favour. The least they can do is dress in some bright garb that seems almost compulsory in such international gatherings. And please no polyester blends. If the unseasonal heat remains only natural fibres will do. We all need to present ourselves looking our best.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26. Day 299. Feeling blue

I've seen the future and I don't like the look of it.
Regardless of how my body feels on occasions, I'm just not ready to join the blue rinse set and now I know why. This afternoon I joined hundreds of others at the River Stage for Spring Flare. The festival is based on the Indian festival of The colour festival, which has come to be known as Holi which is celebrated as a way of overcoming barriers of separation as young and old, rich and poor, man and woman, friend and stranger, all take to the streets to throw colours in an act of unity. That's pretty much what the scene was in Brisbane today. With my camera on board I tried to document rather than participate in the event so when both my husband and son said I had blue in my hair I was thinking traces. Some hours later I looked in the mirror and we are talking something resembling Marge Simpson. Blue is clearly not my colour. Still it was totally worth it for the chance to be part of an outdoor event which clearly brings so much joy. Actually, I think it is an antidote to feeling blue.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 25. Day 298. Stage Fright

See those gloves?! I made those
Surprise! That's what you have to love about the theatre. There's always something new to delight, amaze and possibly shock and terrify. It's live.
Having been in the audience of many a Fame Theatre show (four a year for the past 12 years to be precise) there is a certain degree of understanding about what the night will bring. However the following I did not expect:
Those are the Kinky Boots that has turned my son off heels
1) The number of people who commented what an "excellent" drunk my son made. I was treated to a terrifying view to what might be happening at a Valley nightclub some time in the not too distant future. I'd like to think I'm wrong on that point. I'm probably not
2) Drama Teen has declared "I'm never going to wear heels again. They kill."  Yes, they do. Sixteen-year-old males don't normally understand that but a role in Kinky Boots has given him an unusual insight.
3) My name in a program as a special thanks for help with costuming. For those 12 years I have avoided any and all requests for costume help. I don't do sewing and in fact chose a performance company specifically because parents are not expected to sew anything. Occasionally there will be calls for volunteers. I have always developed selective deafness at these points. But this year I cracked and found myself with a spray can and hot glue gun making Rafiki gloves for the Lion King - and didn't they look awesome?! I managed a smirk when the theatre manager remarked "Now we know what you are capable of, you may be hearing more from us". I laughed and said "That's what I'm afraid of". But secretly I enjoyed the process a whole lot (despite repeated attempts to give myself third degree burns with a hot glue gun). The scars have healed and it was all right on the night. It always is.

Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24. Day 297. One giant step

I stood there, not sure if the fact I had to take off my glasses was a good or a bad thing. It was blurry but one thing was clear, it was a long, long way down. Repeat after me all you have to do is step and  gravity - and ideally the harnesses - will do the rest.
When I signed up for this some months ago a bridge swing seemed like a totally awesome idea. Standing on the edge of the Goodwill Bridge wearing a dragon onesie and the doubts weren't only creeping they were jumping into my throat. But then I was ready. On the count of three. One. Two. Three. Go.
And there it is. Freedom. I was flying like a bird (a great big green totally lacking grace bird floating under the bridge). Awesome. Too much fun and about $700 raised for Save the Children. I'd call that a win. Listen to the audio from ABC Radio Brisbane here