Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May 30. Day 150. Nice night for a walk

 I was "meant" to go walking early. I am "meant" to do quite a lot of things I never get around to.  The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak or something. For whatever reason the day was almost over before the walk began. This could be to do with the early sunset because of the rapid approach of winter. The days are noticeably shorter and the transition from day to night very rapid. So while we started the walk by day it was dark by the time we arrived back home. In part this had to do with a stupid amount of time the dogs and I sat outside shops and waited. My two-legged child had errands so came along for the ride, or walk as it was. While I sat on bus seats with the dogs and waited it struck me how quickly people are to make judgments and act accordingly. There are homeless people in the parts of the city where I was hanging around on park benches and waiting. Many of them have dogs and do much the same thing. I rather suspect  strangers don't come up to them and chat and ask to pat the dogs. It could be that my dogs are irresistibly delightful (they are) but I doubt that's it. We are a judgy lot aren't we? And I do mean "we" because I do it too.

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