Friday, May 4, 2018

May 4. Day 124. Feather brained

Some people are such bird brains. Some organisations treat customers like galahs. This happened today. Drama Being had a GP's appointment to get a flu shot. We still use the same family practice we have since he was born because our collective medical histories would take a removal van to relocate. This meant he had to drive across town at school pick up time negotiating all the traffic hideousness that goes with it. Just after he left I realised there was also a medical form that needed to be filled in. I called the practice. I was put on hold and listened to the recorded message about the state-of-the-art technology. Off hold, I asked could I email the form. No can do. The practice does not have email... but I could fax it. WHAT?! Seriously. That can only be incompetence or dishonesty. As someone who gets literally hundreds of emails a day, I understand that emails are an administrative annoyance. It takes time to process them and respond to them. But that's a cost of doing business in a modern world. There would have been a time when checking the fax was more time consuming than opening the mail once a day but you have to adapt. Choosing not to have email - or at least not allowing patients to use it to communicate in any form - shows a dismissiveness of your clients's needs. So I gathered the dogs and the forms and drove across town and delivered them in person. Then I took the dogs to Kedron Brook for their walk and swim. That part of the story was a success. I calmed down a little - but I remain annoyed.

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