Sunday, May 13, 2018

May 12. Day 132. A Prudent Man

   Last night I decided I hated Lyall Brooks. Well, not really. It's just there was only him on stage and the words that came out of his mouth were self entitled, self indulgent and completely without compassion or remorse. The Prudent Man was a Putrid Man. But Lyall, even if I didn't really hate you all is forgiven. I mean, really, I could never hate someone who stays in Air BnB's while on tour so the dog can accompany him and his partner. There's respect right there. But it's more than that. Today Drama Being spent the day in a Monologue Masterclass with Lyall. After the performance of A Prudent Man, the students performed their pieces. They were extraordinary. As a stage mum or sorts, I've seen a lot of monologues performed in my day but these were something else. While each monologue stood up on its own, together they all built on the themes in a Prudent Man.
 They were presented as a cohesive piece of theatre that show cased the students but also gave the audience something to go home and think about. That's a really big achievement in one day of rehearsals.

Lyall Brooks introducing the Masterclass students

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