Saturday, May 19, 2018

May 19. Day 139. In a flap

I still have a reference in which I was described as "unflappable under pressure". I was much younger then. Actually, I consider myself to be a juggler but I have a finite number of balls I can keep in the air. One more than that and I don't just drop that one ball but all of them. The unflappable Susan Hetherington is flapping about aimlessly. That version of me made an appearance today. That version of me turned up to a theatrical performance at the wrong venue. I went to the Redcliffe Cultural Centre. I missed the bit where they now have a new venue. Of course I was cutting really fine as it was. The most flappable Susan Hetherington had lost her car keys and taken the wrong turn near the Deagon Deviation. But I managed to convince myself that luck was now on my side. There were parks outside the venue ... lots of parks....lots and lots of park. Finally it hit me. There were far too many carparks for a matinee to be on - at least at that venue.
Perhaps I had the date wrong. Google showed right date, wrong place. So while the show must go on, it wasn't going to go on for me. I needed to cool my head before the journey home.  There's a lovely parkland area just at the end of the street from the centre. I knew that from past visits. It's central feature is a large and well populated pond. This is a chilling spot. I walked down. The birds put on a performance. It wasn't the type of performance I thought I'd signed up for but a performance just the same. Better than nothing.

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