Sunday, May 13, 2018

May 13. Day 133. Happy Mothers Day

Sassy side eye from my niece Cleo

If you haven't seen a promo for the Roseanne reboot you haven't tuned into Channel 10 any time recently.
They are pretty much flogging the life out of it.
I watched the first episode and was generally surprised that I didn't hate it. But it's a scene from one of the high rotation promos that continues to tickle my funny bone.
Dan: "And there's no books on how to raise kids" to which Darlene replies...
"Yes there are. There are literally thousands."
She's right. And she's wrong. Yes, there are thousands of books. No, they don't really help, well not me anyway.
Parenting doesn't go by the book. It's a tough gig and just when you think you might have an answer you get thrown a question you could not even have dreamed about. Being a parent makes you appreciate your parents so much more. I always adored both my parents but really understanding what they did ... well that comes with age and experience. So yes Mothers Day is a cynical creation by florists, Hallmark and cafes that serve brunch but it's also a bloody good reason to get together and celebrate our mothers. We ate, we drank and then I went home for a nap because this mothering business is quite exhausting.

My mum

My sister Marie and her daughters Scarlett and Cleo

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