Friday, May 25, 2018

May 25. Day 145. Spitting chips

God I love pelicans. There is no better bird on the planet (Although I do rather like flamingos as well but for sheer size and majesty the pelican gets a big fat tick).  I suspect they have an element of Kardashian about them. They know where their appeal lies and they are well prepared to use it. But perhaps I am just being cynical. Perhaps it is all about the food. Certainly at the University of Queensland Lakes this afternoon the pelican was a man on a mission. Dinner was on his mind and he was fishing. He was swimming around the edge of the lake (which was rather convenient for the woman with the camera). He would lie on his side and take a big fat scoop of water eat the solid bits and spit out the liquid. It was wasn't pretty but it was effective. Actually it was not unlike me eating pasta.
I was dead impressed. My love only grows.

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