Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May 29. Day 149. Kids these days

I caught a bus today ... pauses to allow people to run outside to see if hell has frozen over.  No, entirely of my own free will and with a vehicle in perfect working order in the garage at home, I decided to take public transport. Well, kind off. I was given a lift to work and I walked a large section of the journey home but there was a bus ride between campuses for one segment. I am trying to keep up with this exercise business but accepting of the reality that only so much is possible if you are up until 3am marking. But back to the bus. The trip told me two things 1) I still hate bus travel and 2) that saying about being as old as you feel isn't true. I felt about 104. Late night extended marking sessions are most unkind to body and soul. But if I was 104, then by rights those fit, healthy young things on the bus should have given me a seat. Nope, not a movement. Kids these days. Still, I said I wanted exercise and hanging on for dear life has to expend some energy even if only of the emotional kind.

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