Monday, May 28, 2018

May 28. Day 148. Vocal recognition

 I learned a lot about spit today. Indeed I found myself thinking about spit far more than any time possibly outside the dentist surgery. In that environment I always think a lot about spit because I think I'm probably drowning in it. The real surprise about today's obsession with spit was that it had nothing to do with marking. Marking does have be wanting to spit. Today's spit obsession came from a voice training session I attended briefly. Hit 105's Amy Drew was talking about the importance of warming up the voice. She talked about vocal exercises. She also talked about the importance of spit. You want lubricated vocal chords, she said. Spit is your friend. Water is okay before starting to read but may be less than okay during (unless you have a cold in which case it will be your saviour). But don't chew gum. That will produce too much saliva. Go for Goldilocks - not to little. Not to much. Just right.

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