Wednesday, May 16, 2018

May 16. Day 136. Having a spray

Fun fact. I do not have a crystal ball. If I did I would put it to good use and find out Saturday's Gold Lotto numbers but alas I'm left guessing like everyone else.
Apparently there are those that think my crystal ball is polished and ready. I had just arrived at Roma Street Parklands with the dogs when the phone rang. It was an electrical contractor at my place saying that due to the recent installation of solar panels they needed to do work. And I needed to be home to let them in to turn off the power. I said I could probably be there within a hour. The bloke protested asking me to make it in 30 minutes because under the AEMC they were obliged to complete the work in a set time window. At this point I let the bloke have a spray. "So", I said "Does this Australian Energy Market Commission require that you actually notify people when you are going to turn up."
He admitted that was probably also an obligation. So I pretty much said I wasn't about to drop what I was doing to rush home to prevent a breach given there was already one. I would make an effort but not a very big one. We left it at that. he called back. He's spoken to his supervisor and found out that as I hadn't been notified the appointment was off. Being there was a breach. The big energy retailers don't always do what they are supposed to, he said. When you are big things can get lost in the system, he said. When you are big you can come to think you can do what you like, I interpreted. Well not today and not with this little black duck. The dogs and I went back to walking.

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