Monday, May 21, 2018

May 21. Day 141. You might as well laugh

 It has taken me a number of years - I think it might be three - to get around to calling the Miele service department to have my combined microwave/over fixed. We have another oven and another microwave so it wasn't deemed urgent... and my experience of waiting for repair people to turn up isn't good. But this is the year I plan to do all the jobs I've been putting off so I  bit the bullet. Naturally you have to be home for a full four hours to await their visit. Visit one diagnosed the problem. Visit two was to have fixed the problem but ovens need two hinges and they only ordered one ... but the sparking bit was fixed so go right ahead and use it. I did. It's still sparking. Visit three was to be today - some time after 12. At 12.52pm I get a message that there's no part so no visit today. I call back to reschedule but the person I need to speak to is "away from her desk". She'll call back. She still hasn't. I've rearranged my life three times to be here to wait for servicemen and still the microwave/oven combo thing doesn't work. This is why I give up. But as I sat in the kitchen and waited I did get to see the kookaburra sitting on the back deck laughing at me. That's something, I guess. I'll keep you posted.

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