Friday, May 18, 2018

May 17. Day 137. The wheels of government

 I still haven't decided whether the architects responsible for Brisbane's Tower of Power sadly missed season 2 of How I Met You Mother or whether the building is a tribute to the sit-com. Episode 6 of season 2 is all about designs for a new bank building. The plans put up by Hammond Druthers, a legend at least in his own mind, resemble a giant penis. He can't see it. "That's ridiculous," he says "There's no way this majestic tower can be confused with the male organ of love."
If only someone had challenged the 1 William Street designers, we might have a giant phallic symbol on our skyline.
I don't think the irony of having all the politicians based in that building is lost on anyone.
Perhaps one day I will come to love it. I doubt it.
I remember when the Arbour went in. It was bland, cold and ugly. I had no vision. Seeing now in its bougainvillea-covered glory and I admit the architects were right.
 It is a thing to behold. And I love the Wheel of Brisbane on the skyline too. It was meant to be temporary. I hope it stays. We need something to balance the penis building.

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