Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May 15. Day 135. Keep off the grass

 Who ever said diets were die with a t got it right. Diets really, really suck. I've now been on a whole Lite n Easy thing for about three months and I'm pretty sure all I've lost is the will to live. Soul destroying really. Some people like to eat raw grains and fresh greens. I am not that person. I think out teeth give us a clue as to why we shouldn't be eating like a bird. The incisors are to cut, the canines to tear, the molars to crush. If lettuce was the end game, that would all seem like gross overkill. To be fair to Lite and Easy it isn't all salads. But as a girl who never met a carbohydrate I didn't like, it's not as satisfying as I would like.
It's better than it could be but it could be a steaming bowl of hot chips and it is not. Return to point one. Eating grass is for the birds. Diets are die with a T

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