Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May 9. Day 129. Ducking down to the shops

 Two weeks today I start the Global Corporate Challenge . This is the third time bit the last two times I was actually doing daily exercise. These days not so much. These days I seem I seem to have too much to do too little time. I say that as though it's something new, as though I haven't long been the juggler with one too many balls in the air. Now it feels like my ball count is over the top. Actually, I think the number of balls is the same but my juggling ability is failing. And the thing I've dropped is exercise. Totally. Enrolling in the Global Corporate Challenge is my way of getting the exercise thing back in. But I don't want to go from zero to hero so I'm trying to fit just a little exercise in. Today, the dogs and I went through the Botanic Gardens. My priority was walking. The dogs' priority was trying to kill birds. It was a clash of the titans. Neither of us really got what we wanted but the thought was there. That's something, right?

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