Saturday, May 26, 2018

May 26. Day 146. A bit of drama in my life

 Who doesn't like a bit of drama in their life? Well me, actually.  My motto (well one of them) is "anything for a quiet life"). In the day-to-day sense, I go out of my way to avoid conflict. But drama in the other sense, that I love. Indeed, I went to the theatre twice today and the first performance involved me driving 100 kilometres down the M1 for a spot of Shakespeare. Home and a nap and then out again for a MELT performance at the Brisbane Powerhouse. It was closing night. There was a costume party and there was glitter. I wasn't staying for the party but I wasn't missing out on the glitter. A girl needs to show here true colours and have a bit of drama in her life, right?

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