Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 1. Day 1. Onwards and upwards

Here we go again. This is the 1828th day in a row I have blogged my life. Madness, especially since it was meant to be for a year. Some people never know when to give up.
I shall start the year with a summary of 2016 in my family's life as written for the annual Christmas letter.


Passed a quarter of a million page views on her blog (well almost)

Was accepted on a Poynter Institute Media Innovations study tour to the US

Continued to hate marking with a burning passion

Relished being able to see more than 250 stage productions as ABC Radio’s Brisbane theatre reviewer

Ate more calories in a week in the US than in the whole of the rest of the year

Cared more than is strictly necessary for the old lady who lives next door

Said “the roads are no longer safe” rather a lot


Passed Silver Frequent Flyer status with Qantas

Was accepted as a member of the Institute of Public Accountants

Continued to hate Australian tabloid newspapers with a burning passion

Relished the opportunity to run the successful Australian National Bridge Championship

Ate anywhere he could find that served Scotch egg, black pudding or  kippers

Cared more than is strictly necessary about the politics of bridge

Said  “where’s the remote control?” rather a lot


Passed his driver’s licence test

Was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) at QUT for 2017

Continued to hate the lack of a girlfriend with a burning passion

Relished being a full time acting student

Ate at restaurants more often than reasonable for a person with no income

Cared more than is strictly necessary about the Hamilton, the American musical

Said “pass me a cider” rather a lot

Rumple and Winkle

Passed the 5500 followers mark on their Instagram account @pawfectpetential

Accepted the need to pose for hundreds of photos for Instagram

Continued to hate the cat next door with a burning passion

Relished all opportunities to steal and eat undies

Ate more chicken breasts than most humans

Cared more than is strictly necessary about the movements of the neighbourhood cat

Said “we’ll get that cat one day” rather a lot

As  I shall not speak for the others I shall now predict what I'll be saying about 2017. It is possible my crystal ball is a bit hazy

 In 2017, Susan
Passed the test needed to join the space program
Accepted a nobel prize
Continued  to enjoy working out with a burning passion
Relished being a lady of leisure after retiring early due to a Lotto win
Ate a healthy balanced diet
Cared more about her washboard stomach than strictly necessary
Said  "I bet you wish you were me" rather a lot

In the unlikely event of any or all of those things not happening, I'd accept ending the year still enjoying time with all my nearest and dearest around, feeling tired less often and a few kilos lighter. Is that too much to ask?

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