Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 28. Day 28. Young at heart

There's this not very original but highly applicable saying "insanity is contagious. You catch it from your kids.". Yep they will drive you mad. And that's not even the worst of it. Grey hairs, wrinkles and an almost permanent state of sleep deprivation is part of the job description. But here's the thing. They both add years to your chronological age but at the same time keep you young. They do this because playing with a child brings out your inner child. It just does. Today we were all rolling around in the shallows of Pumicestone Passage with my friends' three-year-old  like we all were three-year-olds. How could you not? And the questions they ask and things they say keep you mentally agile as well. So there we are eating fish and chips after a beach romp when the little one announces that Jesus lives in her bottom; a somewhat strange comment considering we were talking about tomato sauce at the time. Keeping a straight face and coming up with the right response to that is a challenge no parenting book prepares you for. It would be fair to say if there is a parenting manual with a notation on the correct response to that exact phrase, what was said probably bore no relation to it. Honestly kids do make you laugh even if some days you only laugh because the alternative isn't very attractive.

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