Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30. Day 30.1 A fine line between pleasure and pain

Back in 2008, the Courier-Mail published an opinion piece where I outlined, in what I considered a satirical way, why I thought State of Origin football sucked. It's a wonder my passport wasn't revoked. Apparently being able to call yourself a Queenslander is conditional on supporting the annual interstate rugby league grudge matches. But my care factor is zero, less than zero as it happens because I refuse to believe the pride of our state will ever be decided on a football pitch. So now I am torn. Really torn. What am I to do when the story of State of Origin is turned into a new original piece of musical theatre? How can the ledger be calculated when my distaste for SOO is matched only by love of show tunes? And the equation is further complicated by the fact that a girl has to support a new Australian musical telling a distinctly Australian story. They are so few and far between, it would be wrong not to be singing this one's praises. This one has been penned by Hugh Lunn, a great Queensland-born story teller so there's another tick AND it will premiere at St Laurence's college, the school which educated both my father and my son. Tick. Tick. Tick. At the launch today, Hugh Lunn's vision made perfect sense. He said music was the only way to capture emotion the way sport does. We use the same metaphors when describing sport as stage productions. We talk about the theatre of it and the spectacle and say you couldn't have scripted a better ending. At least so I believe because I'm the only person in Queensland not watching the match. So I might not don a maroon jersey but I will be there when the piece is staged. It wouldn't be sporting not to.

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