Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 29. Day 29. People in Glasshouses ...

This is the blog you nearly didn't see. I had a seriously large collection of pics which I had ruthlessly edited to reveal the top 10 or so. In addition there was a fine selection of pics of my fur babies ready to be added to their Instagram page if and when the moment required. All had been carefully cropped and corrected where required. I was uploading the blog pics and emailing the Instagram pics. I was ready to go. And then Roger Federer won the Australian Open and I managed to spill a glass of sparkling mineral water on my laptop. The laptop died and the photos went with it. Of course, I had erased the originals from the camera after exporting them to the laptop. I do this every day because I take so many pics this practice protects me from a full memory card. It offers no protection from a water damaged laptop. So for 24 hours all you saw if you came here were two iPhone pics. Then the IT people called and said they turned the laptop on and it worked. If I wasn't so happy I would have screamed in disbelief. Corrosion my still set in but the pics from Day 29 live to see the light of day.

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