Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30. Day 30. You are not alone

Stories abound about dolphins. Some may be mythical, some fanciful but many rock solid documented in fact. These somewhat bizarre but insanely beautiful sea creatures have been shown to save many a soul floundering at sea.
So this morning I was wandering along Red Beach on the Pumicestone Passage side of Bribie Island. The beach is my happy place but I knew as soon as I left the sand it was back to our holiday accommodation to pack up and drive over the bridge and back to reality. I didn't want to leave so I was putting it off, something the dogs were happy to indulge. And then I saw them. There was a pod of dolphins really close to the shore. At first just a fin like something out of Jaws. And then it became less horror film and more theme park dolphin display. I'm not sure exactly how long I stood there but it was more than half an hour. They would disappear for a bit, or I'd take my eyes off them to resume the dog ball toss but them there would be another big splash and the aquatic routine would resume. It was quite a feast for sore eyes and all for an audience of one human and two dogs. It was seriously beautiful and enough to put a spring back into the step. I can't say I loved the idea of returning to work but I did feel like a weight had been lifted. And people wonder why the beach is my sanctuary.

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