Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18. Day 18. Going under

 I had a very important date today.
It was a date I would have put off appointments with the Pope, the Prime Minister or the Premier.
I certainly would have had zero issue telling the President Elect where to go.
The air conditioning repair man was coming.
There has been a perfect sh*t storm of imbalance in supply and demand for air conditioning mechanics.
 In January just about everyone goes on holidays which equals low supply of tradespeople.
 In January it is stinking hot and people tend to be at home needing air conditioning which equals high demand.
 So you book in and swelter until your number comes up.
I've been ticking off the days as you do when some really, really big life event is about to happen.
And now I feel like a bride abandoned at the alter. He came. He left. The air conditioning is still not working.
He delivered the bad news that it is dead, buried and cremated (as I think some politician said which is why it makes no sense. Even if you wanted to, how could you cremate something that's already been buried?)
So now we wait - first for a quote for the replacement and then for the replacement itself.
If you want to find me any time between now and when the heatwave breaks, I will be in the pool or the air conditioned car or bedroom.

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