Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 8. Day 8. Party animal

On the short list of things I might do when I grow up (so not any time soon) is organise parties.
I do like a themed bash and I do think that everyone has the right to feel special on his or her big day.
That extends not only to humans. My dogs are as much a part of my family as the two-legged members and therefore they should have a party. Today my baby boy Rumple turned four and so it was party time. He was one of four dogs and 15 humans in attendance. I called in the dog caterers and there were pup cakes, doggie treat bags, pup pops, dog themed balloons and gifts for the birthday boy. Not only that but we took advantage of a new service - dog pool hire. Seriously I love the fact that there are other people in the world as crazy about their canines as I am.
It is true that Rumple is not exactly a party animal. Actually he doesn't like crowds very much and if he deems a gathering too large he will take himself off and hide. The song "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" comes to mind and today he spent a time having a nap in the walk-in robe. He's a boy who loves a quiet life but he's also a boy who loves a treat and a cuddle. And he does love to be the centre of attention.  So we made sure he enjoyed it in his own way - slowly and surely. Winkle, the good time party girl, was lapping up the food and fun but even she couldn't keep up with cousin The Fed. That Beagle means business. He ate a pup cake in one bite. We are not even sure he chewed it before it went down. And then he backed up for a second.
Meanwhile there was champagne and human food and we all sang to the birthday boy.
Yes, I am fully awake that Rumple doesn't know what a birthday is let alone that it is his. But he does know he's a special part of the family and that's all that matters.
Sure most people probably think I'm crazy but that's okay. There are worse things than being crazy about canines.

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