Saturday, January 14, 2017

January 14. Day 14. Game face

To the best of my knowledge there are no sheep stations in the property portfolios of any member of my family.
And yet ... it's almost a fight to the death when the board games come out.
Tonight the family gathering was for Drama Teen's birthday, a pizza and play party which sounds all very sweet and innocent unless you know any member of my family.
The game was Encore where you draw a card and in teams have to come up with a song with a particular word or about a theme and sing at least six words.
So if the word is "hard", Team A sings "it's been a hard day's night" to which team B responds "some times it's hard to be a woman". Right says Team A countering with "A hard rain's a gunna fall". Out come lyrics from "It's a hard knock life",  "breaking up is hard to do", "she works hard for the money" "hard headed woman" and so on until somebody cracks.
The only thing worse than the gamesmanship was the singing (and possibly the language, only from the song lyrics obviously).
And what was up for grabs? Nothing, except honour, glory and bragging rights which as anyone in my family will tell you is worth more than sheep stations.

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