Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25. Day 25. Going off with a bang

 The other day I was telling to my 89-year-old neighbour Margaret that I would be off to the cricket that night. She snorted dismissively and told me, not for the first time, that she hated cricket.
She said she had played Cricko a far more interesting game because you had to run every time you hit a ball in front of the crease. None of this boring just padding the ball she said, demonstrating what she meant.
Now I love test cricket but I can see why others might agree with that assessment. Twenty 20 cricket is not the same animal. That night, in 40 overs, just short of 400 runs were scored. There was not a dull minute, Indeed there was not a dull second - and that was before you added the fireworks, dancers, fire cannons, blaring music, kiss cam, Mexican waves and empty chicken buckets on heads everywhere. Tonight's game was a little lighter on runs but just as exciting. For one it was a do-or-die semi final and for two after the 20 overs a side were complete the scores were tied. That means a Super Over. Just one over per side and the winner takes it all. This is nail biting stuff. We lost. In fact I must be a bad omen as we have lost most of the games I have attended. But I've always left the ground happy. I might have no fingernails, no voice and no hearing plus a big hole in my pocket from the price of food but I'm always happy for the experience.

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