Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 3. Day 3. I'm for ever blowing bubbles

Researchers in the field of psychoacoustics confirm that high pitch squealing noises are the most unpleasant to the human ear. It is possible, the researchers speculate, these noises sound not unlike the alarm calls of our primate relatives and thus we react as a precautionary measure. Or it could be the human ear amplifies these sounds which is what makes them unpleasant. But high pitch squeals are not all equal. Fingernails down a chalk board suck. We all know that. But the happy squeals of a toddler playing with bubbles, well that's another thing all together. My little buddy Elliott and his mum Alison came over to play today today. In all honesty while he was happy to see "Auntie Susan" the main game was the dogs, especially Winkle. Winkle has about the same level of energy and the desire to play with the ball and bubbles as Elliott does. The joy of both is infectious and exhausting and not in the least bit unpleasant proving again there are exceptions to every rule.

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