Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 17. Day 17. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil

 When it comes to an ability to ruffle a few feathers, no-one has the skills quite like our nearest and dearest. Sometimes the intent of using the power is good, even if the person on the receiving end fails to see that. But there are times when the button pushing power is delivered with the clear and deliberate intention to upset the apple cart. I would say it's human nature except I'm not sure that's true. Sure humans do it but are they alone? I watched the birds at the University of Queensland lakes today. They would be sitting there all buddy, buddy and then for no particular apparent reason one would lean across and not so gently nudge another. My dogs do it too. Most of the day they'll lie side by side content in each other's company until one - normally Winkle - will get up and jump on Rumple or steal one of his favourite toys and parade it in front of him or sit in his spot. Sure it might mean nothing but it's the sort of thing we used to do to each other as kids just for impact. There is a flip side to this coin, however. Siblings may say the meanest things to each other but watch them jump to the defence of their own should someone else say the same sort of thing. Because even if we want to kill them some of the time we love them to death. It's just one of life's great big ironies.

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