Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January 10. Day 10. While the cat's away ...

Please do not tell Rumple and Winkle but we had a visitor today - actually two: one canine and one human. My fur friends were at an emergency grooming session where emergency is defined as well ahead of schedule because Winkle's beach hair was a tangled mess beyond repair. So my friend Christy and her dog Charlie came over to test drive the dog pool in our back yard. My dogs love Christy but let's just say Charlie and Rumple and Winkle have "history" and having them in the same place at the same time is not advisable.  Dogs are wonderful creatures with very distinct personalities, abilities and preferences. My dogs love a swim at the beach and in the creek but have never shown much interest in a pool. When offered the chance to try one of the new dog pools as part of Rumple's birthday package I figured it was worth a go. They had a quick splash but were really indifferent. But Charlie loves nothing more than cooling off in a wading pool after a long game of catch. She has worn out more than one of the clam-shaped wading pools. It's because of dogs like Charlie that dog pools are a "thing". Both Christy and I thought Charlie would take to the pool like a dog to water and she did. It made quite a splash. The pool is much bigger than a wading pool and holds a lot of water but not enough to wash all the scent of Charlie away. When the freshly groomed dogs arrived home there may not have been any sign of Charlie but they did seem to spend an unusual amount of time sniffing the back garden - and then they gave up and went back to games that generally involved in Winkle beating Rumple up. It may have been a new look Winkle but she's clearly not like Sampson ... all the strength was not in the hair. I have to say this is not my preferred Winkle look but it was the price we have to say for her water sports.

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