Thursday, January 5, 2017

January 5. Day 5. Stinging assessment

Here is a stinging assessment of self.
I am a walking cliche. Actually, I wish it was ONLY that bad. Let's start with the cliche. Anyone who has indulged in enough popular culture will have seen it.
The tragic individual eating a whole extra large tub of ice cream whilst sobbing, often whilst watching a tragic chick flick.
Now I don't believe anyone actually does that, at least no-one over the age of about 15. But tonight I did ... in public.
It goes like this. Place: BlueRoom Cinebar. Movie: Edge of Seventeen. Icecream: Baskin-Robbins chocolate large tub meant for two. Now this was a charming little movie all about teen angst, coming of age, isolation and depression and friendship and relationships.
It was funny and sad but pretty much to formula. 
But for some reason it kicked me in the guts and my eyes leaked. Not just once but several times. And then the tub of ice cream I'd ordered to share arrived in my seat. And I shovelled the ice cream into my mouth as the tears rolled down my cheeks.
How embarrassing.
At least it was dark.
And now I feel really, really sick from all the ice cream which is yet another cliche.
Now excuse me, I'd better get a bucket. I'm going to throw up.

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