Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 4. Day 4. Flying saucer

I love kids. I love watching their little brains and bodies learn things by imitation, intuition and trial and error. This afternoon I watched Elliott throwing the Frisbee he received from his uncle for Christmas. Elliott is not yet three but he had been shown how to hold your body and the disc and he was executing it like a champion. He had all the moves and the style. He worked that he was stronger when he wound up his body to the left and he had the follow through of a master. While not every throw went exactly where it was intended, many did and with a great deal of height and flight. Bloody impressive. That young man will be an aeronautical engineer or an elite athlete or perhaps both. Of course it doesn't really matter as long as he continues to get the same sense of enjoyment out of life, he'll go far.

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