Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16. Day 16. Birds of a feather

I can not tell you how many dog off leash areas the dogs and I drove by this afternoon - but it was many, many.
Still it was worth it on many levels.
The journey was motivated by a fairly impromptu gathering of Drama Teen's acting buddies at the Wynnum home of one of the crew. This would require mum's taxi duties because of car pool availability. It was a journey I was happy to facilitate. Being with your tribe is hugely important. Birds of a feather, and all that.
Given we were going to be in the bayside suburbs, it seemed only fitting that the dogs and I also head to our happy place.
We wanted foreshore, off leash and preferably birds - the dogs like to chase them. I like to photograph them. This is not always a workable arrangement but it turned out fine today. We ended up at Cleveland. The dogs were as happy as dogs in mud, because that's exactly what you get in mangrove territory. I was a happy little snapper and we all agreed it would have been a perfect little afternoon jaunt apart from one small but very significant detail: Bitey things. While the mozzies attacked my arms, the sandflies had a go at the ankles. Had this been a planned outing I would have done what the ads of my youth drummed into me. I would have remembered the Aerogard. But it wasn't and I didn't and I have the marks to prove it. Fortunately it was getting dark and we were about ready to leave when they struck in earnest. At that point there was no hanging around. I proved once again that I would last 3.5 seconds on Survivor before I voted myself off. Mangroves mean mozzies. It's part of the ecosystem - if you happen to be a fish. My ecosystem involves aircon and a remote control. So I left them to theirs and returned to mine. That's life in balance.

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