Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22. Day 22. In a spin

I'm too old for this. Someone of my age and (im)maturity should know better. And yet I woke up with that spinning head, dry mouth, queasy stomach feeling that says last night I got up to no good. Actually last night was great. This morning, not so much. It's true, I've felt a lot, lot worse in days gone by but not recently. It was tempting to hide all day but I decided I needed to try and push through, at least a bit. And my friend Tiania refused to let me get away with that. She lured me out of the house to the University of Queensland lakes for a picnic. It was a beautiful peaceful Sunday thing to do on a day much milder than in recent weeks.  And if the happy giggles of a three-year-old don't make you feel better nothing will. I'm not sure watching her and her dad playing swinging games is exactly what my body needed but still the smiles were infectious. And my dogs always love Molly's company because she insists on feeding them. So we'll call that a win. We agreed on future picnics. I made a deal with myself to behave the night before.


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