Saturday, January 7, 2017

January 7. Day 7. A sizable problem

 I am fully aware that discussing a lady's weight is impolite but this lady is a bitch so here goes.
Winkle weighs a grand total of three kilos.
No photo adequately captures just how tiny she is compared to her "big" brother Rumple who weighs 10 kilos.
 If she was a human she might be said to have a Napoleon complex making up for her small size with a very big, bossy personality.
And most of the time Rumple lets her walk all over him, often literally. We all do.
And then when you least expect it, Rumple will put his paws down and exercise his rights as first born.
Today was such a day. We went for a walk, heading for the University of Queensland lakes.... or so I thought. It was a plan that had the Winkle seal of approval but Rumple decided otherwise. When we arrived at the intersection where we should head down the hill Rumple simply put on the brakes and refused to move. He then turned and pulled us all in the direction of the dog park.
No amount of lead pulling was going to convince him otherwise.
He wanted to go to the dog park so we went to the dog park.
Now of course I do have a height and weight advantage over both of them but when the purpose of the outing is "taking the dogs for a walk" it seems reasonable that the dogs have some say in where they end up.
It might have been nice to visit the ducks and the turtles at UQ but they'll be there next time, whenever Rumple decides that might be appropriate.
Besides there are worse things a girl can do than sit in a dog park and watch two small and furry creatures having a ball.

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