Friday, January 27, 2017

January 27. Day 27. Take what you can get

I am not an expert on the dietary needs of the kookaburra so I took to a reliable source I found on the Internet which, as we know, is always 100% accurate. The site said "Kookaburras aren’t selective eaters. Their diet consists of snakes, lizards, rodents and the odd small bird, but they live primarily on different insects and invertebrates". Wait a minute. Snakes, rodents blah, blah. Where does it say the bread roll? Today I saw not one but three kookas grazing on a bread roll. Sometimes I guess it's a case of take what you can get. Humans can do much the same thing. Earlier today I took off my rather nice thongs (yes I did just use the words nice and thongs in the same sentence) at the beach entrance. Then Winkle did a poo and I scooped it up in a bag and left her little gift on top of the thongs to dispose of later. We walked up the beach and when we returned the poo was still there but the thongs were not. Seriously, who steals a girl's thongs? In my mind the main purpose of a pair of thongs is to negotiate the car park to the beach or the hot sand on the beach path. That's it. Everyone leaves them at the end of the beach path. It's a tradition. It's a right. It's not some charity box. And they were my "good" thongs.

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