Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 31. Day 366. Off with a bang

The 8.30pm New Year's Eve fireworks at South Bank are labelled the kids fireworks designed so families with little ones can enjoy the display at an appropriate hour. Big people, such as myself, it is assumed are perfectly capable of staying up beyond midnight without going all Cinderella and turning into a pumpkin. Normally I can. Normally I do but not this year. Two weeks of sun, surf and sand is exhausting. Actually I lie. I'm feeling all zen and battling the crowds at midnight is a good way to ruin that and start the new year all stressed. No thank you. The kiddie fireworks will suit me just fine. I spend most of the year ruled by the clock but right now I don't need to be. I shall listen to my body and sleep when it says it's time to sleep. And I shall wake when my body says it's time to wake - or the dogs do, which ever comes sooner. So happy new year to all you party animals. I'll see you next year.

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