Saturday, December 10, 2016

December 10. Day 345. Not the Claw. The Claw

I feel I can finally call myself an Australian.
I mean people in countries far away tend to think those of us who live in the land girt by sea have koalas and kangaroos on our doorstep.
Well this weekend I do.
There's a koala tree just outside the front gate and kangaroos grazing on the footpath. It's not as though I haven't seen either in their natural environment before but not in suburbia where I spend most of my life.
And not only that the koalas I've seen previously have always been perched at the top of the tree.
I only saw them because someone pointed them out and even then it wasn't much than a grey shadow that you could just make out.
Today's napping marsupial was in the first fork when we saw him this morning. This afternoon it had crawled up a little but clearly a very comfy, very snoozy koala.
Even for a born and bred Aussie that's pretty exciting.

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