Friday, December 30, 2016

December 30. Day 365. On a high

"Take only photographs. Leave only footprints". These words or close variations are regularly seen at places of great natural beauty particularly national parks. In general it's pretty solid advise if you want to protect places you love and I have to say I have loved our stay at Currimundi Beach. I have taken photos - hundreds of them - and left a trail of footprints not to mention considerably more paw prints from my dogs. Yes there are two of them and yes they have four paws each but as they charge up and down the beach after the ball, each other or nothing in particular they out step me by a considerable margin. But I could not say those were my only impacts. I have left balls. Too many balls have been donated to the sand or the sea. They just disappear. Also, I have taken a small collection of shells and bucket loads of sand secreted in just about every skin fold and orifice. And I have taken with me so many happy memories of a truly memorable holiday- that and a lot of kilos. No-one can deny me that, surely.

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