Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 20. Day 355. Shadows of the past

I wrote Christmas cards today. Lots of cards. On so many of them I made promises to catch up next year, properly and in person. I mean to. I hope to. History will suggest it won't happen but while the past might be indicative of the future, it isn't locked in. I can do better. If I need any incentive, it should be found in the list of names and addresses from last year's card list. Many of those people are no longer with us. Too many. It's not been a good year for that. This is why I still send cards even when email, Facebook, Snapchat and texts are more the rage. It is a small thing but stopping, taking out a pen and writing a card and addressing those envelopes is a small thing I can do to keep connections to the past. And holidays are important too. Spending quality time with family may sound like something from a political policy speech or a ad for facial tissues but it is important.  And so is self time, happy time, time on the beach with dogs. Time when I relax and reflect. There was a lot of both today. This is as it should be.

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