Sunday, December 18, 2016

December 18. Day 353. Red sky in the morning

According to the saying red skies in the morning are not good. Warning. Warning. Warning. I guess sailors know more about these things than women with dogs and a camera. However I wouldn't have wanted to be out this afternoon when the storm hit. It was a bit wild out there. I know this because we were on the beach in the moments before the storm hit watching a large beach shade go flying and people scrambling for cover. At dawn, there was no sign of that and the popular talk of those who got out of bed at stupid o'clock was that the red sky was due to the fires around the place. The smell of smoke hung in the air.
The dogs were, as always, in their happy place caring not at all about the weather. All they wanted was to run, jump, swim and chase a ball.
I wore them out or vice versa and we were back in bed asleep long before the rest of the family stirred.
That's what holidays are for sleeping and beaching.

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