Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 11. Day 346. Fly away

Boo hoo. I do agree, there is no place like home - some places are better especially when you are just visiting and in holiday mode. This weekend on Stradbroke Island was pretty special. We had an 11am deadline to be on the ferry home and that meant an early rise to be down on the beach at the crack of dawn.
On the way back to our holiday house, I checked the koala trees but yesterday's occupant had moved during the night to find a fresh supply of gum leaves.
But across the road a couple of kangaroos were grazing.
Clearly 'roos who live around housing estates are used to people and the presence of a mad woman with a camera didn't disturb their breakfast one bit.
It's sad that it had to end but on the upside it is less than a week we will be at the Sunshine Coast for a two week beach break with dogs.
I can't wait. Too many days at the beach are barely enough.

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