Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1. Day 336. Fan girl

 What exactly is the correct collective noun for a whole bunch of Matildas? A talent of Matildas, perhaps. Anyway, all four of the awesome young performers who share the role of Matilda and all the children who are performing in the Brisbane season were on parade at the opening night party tonight. As was Tim Minchin she says in the slightly hushed tones of a complete fan girl. Yes, I was so close to Tim I could have touched him (to be clear could have not did. Occasionally I show restraint). Sorry, I think I got distracted for a second there. I was talking about the actors not the writer, right? Those child stars ... Absolutely bloody amazing. Venus Harris, the opening night Matilda was a show stopper. In fact the talent of all those children was phenomenal. It's not like they are great performers for their age. They are great performers full stop. And yes I did see the show twice in two nights. It's a long story. I'll tell it some time.

Venus Harris who played Matilda tonight

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