Thursday, December 22, 2016

December 22. Day 357. Festive feasting

It's a tradition that goes back a decade. Perhaps more. We can't remember the exact year but when it started the kids were in primary school and drinking fruit juice or cordial. Now there were alcoholic beverages in most hands. A day or two before Christmas my family gathers with two of my very best friends and their families for a Christmas celebration. The venue rotates between houses and this year it was decided to take the whole thing on the road with the celebration moving to the Coast where we are staying. Normally it is the full hot baked dinner but this year, in keeping with the Coast theme, we went for seafood, salads, cold meats and trifle. Then there were games, Secret Santa and late night walks on the beach. Everyone ate too much, drank too much and felt very merry (and very, very full). And a good time was had by all. Ho, ho, ho. Yawn. Hic


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