Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 21. Day 356. Heading for a fall

I should have taken up surfing. It is true that arguably I lack some of the more basic prerequisites of the sport. For instance most toddlers have more developed senses of balance and coordination than I do. Also while I love swimming in the sea, I have a fear of big waves and seriously hate getting dumped. That might be an issue. But here's where my skill set meets that of a surfer. I am spectacularly good at falling. I can fall over my feet on even ground when moving at a slow speed so on a board on the ocean I could turn falling into an Olympic class event. There would be the small technical problem that my chance of actually standing up in order to fall would be about nil but honestly details, details. I spent rather a lot of time watching surfers falling and contemplating their various techniques while on my morning walk with dogs along the beach this morning.  We spent a lot of time covering a small section of beach because Winkle found some bugs fascinating and ran around and around in circles chasing them. Rumple and I played fetch while she amused herself. We didn't get very far. Neither did any of the surfers but that didn't matter. What's important here is enjoying the ride and not where you end up - as long as that's not flat on your face in the sand. That's no fun for anyone. Even I know that.

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