Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 8. Day 343. Mirror, mirror on the wall

 Quite possibly I am the most directionally challenged person on the face of the earth. I think I was off sick when they were handing out navigational skills.Truthfully, I don't know left from right. Unfortunately my son has inherited this "super lack-of-power". So if you were putting together teams for a maze challenge we would be the bottom of the pack. But hey, we're up for a challenge. So today we found ourselves at the House of Mirrors at the Powerhouse. It's a seemingly endless labyrinth of mirrors which is making its mainland Australia debut in Brisbane. According to the blurb it could take between five and 20 minutes to find your way out. According to the gate attendants, some people need to be rescued. I was pretty sure we'd be in the second group especially as I hadn't brought any breadcrumbs. But we were out in closer to the five than the 20 minute mark. Neither of us has any idea how we managed it but we were in agreement that it was a huge amount of fun getting there. Give it a go. But you'll have to find your way to the Powerhouse before Sunday. After that the problem won't be getting out it will be getting in as it will have found its way to another venue to challenge other unsuspecting thrill seekers. Bring breadcrumbs just in case.

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