Friday, December 23, 2016

December 23. Day 358. Teaching an old(er) dog new tricks

It would rate as one of the most insanely amusing things I have ever seen. A vet, an engineer and a scholarship winning business student on the beach, on all fours teaching a golden retriever to dig in the sand. This is the type of priceless memory that makes holidays special. Out to sea, young Dan was giving us all a lesson in how surfing should be done and back at the house many lessons were being shared about what a Tinder profile should include! Teens these days. Winkle was learning about sharing. All week she's hogged the ball refusing when Rumple wanted to have a good old fashioned beach wrestle. But Roland the Retriever is just a bit bigger than the three kilogram little miss and could get to the ball far, far quicker. Now she was the one left standing. Rather than say "told you so" Rumple, always the gentleman, came to the party. And a good time was had by all.

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