Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19. Day 354. Calling the shots

 Those who believe there is no such thing as bad weather only poor clothing choices would not have a problem with the conditions today.
Those of us who booked to stay on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland the Sunshine State might have a case for false advertising.
I woke, looked out the window and decided the doona was a good option.
The dogs vetoed that decision. The only other people on the beach also had dogs. Dog people are crazy. We just are.
I was talking to one such crazy person when Winkle leaped at my hand to remind me that I hadn't thrown the ball in what she considered an appropriate amount of time.
I resumed the ball toss. Seriously those dogs have me very well trained. And I thought I took them to obedience classes. More fool me.
Still despite the fact it was blowing a gale it was worth getting out of bed for. And the smiling faces of two contented canines is all the reward this human needs.

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