Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 14. Day 349. Good on ya mum

It's been a big week for my family. In the space of just two days my mum witnessed both a grand daughter and a daughter graduate. That doesn't happen every day. My niece Scarlett was the first of her generation to wear the cap and gown which made it special. My sister Lisa is quite experienced at this sort of thing. This is her fourth university graduation which, by any measure, is quite the achievement. Lisa is one of the most committed, dedicated and hard working and high achieving students I have ever met. She makes study look easy. She does, however, seem to court disaster when it comes to the actual business of graduating. As I recall, she almost missed her first graduation because she found herself deadlocked in my parents' house. Today I was the one who missed the ceremony. I was there, in the venue on time and in my gown ready to join the academic procession to cheer on my little sis. My phone rang. My darling son, who only very recently got his drivers licence, had just had a little bingle with a parked car in our street. Understandably he was a bit shaken. But that's not the worst of it - the car he hit belonged to my sister. So I had to leave to sort a few things out. But there was plenty of family support for Lisa. Joining mum in the audience were Lisa's husband Don and daughters Lucy and Amelia. It is, after all, a proud family moment. I arrived just in time for a celebratory drink and photos and for a little explanation about the small matter of a fender bender.

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